10 Dec 2011

How To Do Your Makeup For Photos

The camera can be our best friend or our biggest enemy. It can make you look great or exaggerate the flaws you have and create ones you don't. Your make up should be different when you're getting ready for a photo, and different make up rules apply. Whether you're getting ready for a family photo, a dating profile, or just a night out taking pictures with friends, you can be sure your face will be flawless for the camera by just following a few of the tips below.

When applying make up for a photo, you will have to put on slightly more make up than you do regularly. But no matter how much or how little make up you wear, it won't look good if your skin is dry. Make sure to always have well moisturized skin. If possible, prepare your skin the night before by exfoliating, followed by a good night cream and eye cream. This will help reduce puffiness and will keep your skin glowing and radiant the next day.

Use primer. This will help your make up go on smoother and stay on better. Primer can be used for eyelids, lips and face. Primer makes the color look better and you won't have to put as much of it on.

Reduce the dark circles under your eyes with a concealer.

Use more matte eyeshadow and less shimmery shadow. This is especially true on older skin, as shimmery shadow tends to fall in between the fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, only drawing attention to them. Matte shadow look great in photos because it contains a high concentration of color, unlike shimmery shadows which fade easily. Shimmery shadow by itself may not even show up on a photo and you are likely to look washed out. Instead, use a nice matte color as your base by applying it evenly on your entire eyelid. Colors like dark gray, purple, green and blue are great colors to start off with.

You can then apply shimmer shadow in the corner of your crease with a slanted contour brush or your ring finger. Make sure to blend the shadows well as make up that is not blended well will be highlighted in photos.

Experiment with different shadows in both matte and shimmer styles and see what colors work well together. Grey, brown and soft black look good with light eyes, while different colors like blue, purple and green look good on dark eyes. It's always good to have a good variety of colors to choose from, so cosmetics like eyeshadow and liner is good to get wholesale.

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