11 Dec 2011

Type 2 Diabetes - Dealing With Diabetes And The Holidays!

Combining Type 2 diabetes and holidays are a challenge. Holiday time means those extra goodies, sweets and huge scrumptious meals with food temptations are everywhere.
Holidays can be a barrier to losing weight. Thanksgiving, Christmas, the New Year, and other special times can make it difficult to eat sensibly. Having a big, rich meal occasionally is not likely to be harmful because you can compensate in various ways, including:
  • eating more conservatively before and after,
  • exercising more than usual during the holiday season, and, perhaps,
  • making an adjustment in the medication you are taking.
There are ways to plan ahead and still enjoy your holidays.

Party tips for diabetics:
  • decide ahead of time how much you can eat, and stick to that,
  • eat a healthy snack before going. This might be a cheese stick or even a small salad.
  • fill your plate with healthy things like green salads or fruit and lean meat,
  • eat only a very small dessert and skip the toppings,
  • drink alcohol very sparingly... it is loaded with carbohydrates and will spike your blood sugar quickly.
Controlling your blood sugar levels while celebrating with family and friends:
  • plan ahead,
  • bring a low sugar dish with you if everyone is contributing to the meals,
  • make traditional holiday foods healthier by using fat-free ingredients. Steam vegetables, do not fry or sauté,
  • use sugar substitutes in traditional recipes,
  • make sure there are plenty of healthy snacks available for you at all times,
  • turkey meat without skin is low-fat and high protein... so good for you. Avoid the stuffing.
  • decide on a couple of favorite foods you really want to eat, and pass on the rest,
  • avoid carbohydrate-laden dishes, and do not sample everything,
  • eat smaller portions and try to keep your carbohydrate intake at your usual daily level,
  • get plenty of exercise. Spend more time in activities with friends to burn up the extra calories you might eat, and keep you out of the kitchen as far as possible!
  • time your meals... plan how you will handle changes to meal times. Eat healthy snacks in between your meal times.
  • check your blood sugar level regularly.
Eating a healthy snack and drinking a full glass of water just before a party or main meal, will help you to feel full and decrease the desire to binge on "goodies". There are temptations everywhere during the holiday season, so you have to think and plan ahead for success.

Enjoy your holidays this year. It is not necessary for diabetes to spoil your celebrations. Type 2 diabetes and the holidays can mix successfully if you plan carefully. Unfortunately, people with Type 2 diabetics do not have the luxury of just showing up at a party without advanced planning. However, the planning should not take too much time out of your party schedule!
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