12 Dec 2011

4 Things You Must Do Other Than JUST Male Enhancement To Effectively Get A Bigger Penis

Do you want to get a bigger penis? You do? Well, you can. Don't listen to what anyone tells you. It IS possible. And I'm speaking from experience here. I used to be a skeptic when it came to male enhancement. But once my significant other started showing signs of displeasure in the bedroom, I took action.

Unfortunately, I made some mistakes in the beginning. But, after learning from my mistakes and doing the right things to increase my size, I ended up adding 2 inches to my size to reach a 7 1/2 inch erection... and I also improve many other areas of my manhood as well (such as being able to last 5x longer during sex, having more powerful orgasms, and more).

Anyway, if you want to make your manhood bigger, then just know that it can happen. BUT, there is a caveat. The caveat is what I wanted to talk to you about today.
Besides choosing the right type of male enhancement for naturally and permanently increasing your size, there are 4 other things you have to do as well in order to make your manhood grow bigger and gain all those other awesome benefits I gained as well. If you want to learn more, continue reading!

The Type Of Male Enhancement I Did To Get To 7 1/2 Inches...
I started off using pumps and pills to try to make my penis grow bigger. Both of those things did not work, I had side-effects, and even more than that, I spent a TON of money on those things. My significant other was pissed... to say the least. And that was probably because not only was I not getting any results, I was spending money we really didn't have! LOL!

But, after having poor results (and getting my wife pretty annoyed), I decided to take the natural approach and started doing penis exercises. Doing these routines was the best thing I could have ever done. They are so incredibly easy to do, but yet they are so incredibly effective. I increased my erection size, made it harder, made it stronger, made it last longer, and I also increased my libido, the power of my orgasms, how long I lasted before ejaculating, and more.
What's the moral of the story? Go natural and you'll get results. Go unnatural and you'll piss your significant other off! Hahaha!

Alright, The 4 OTHER Things You Have To Do Besides Male Enhancement...
1. Better nutrition... If you want to commit to getting a bigger penis, then you also have to commit to eating right as well. Of course by doing this, you take care of two things at once. You get healthier and you get bigger in the pants! Eating right and avoiding poor food choices (such as processed foods, junk foods, foods high in sodium, sodas, sugary drinks, etc.) will help maintain and enhance proper blood circulation into your penile shaft.

2. Decrease stress and anxiety... Too much stress and anxiety is a very well-known culprit for erectile dysfunction. And it doesn't take a genius to say that if you are having a problem getting hard, you are going to have a problem increasing your size. Stress and anxiety has a negative effect on blood circulation, and you must decrease stress and anxiety in order to successfully enhance your manhood... and of course... also enhance your overall health for that matter.
Some of the best things to do to help decrease stress are masturbating, deep breathing exercises, decreasing caffeine intake, and live like how I live... and that is doing whatever I can do to avoid potential negative situations (like taking a route to work that you KNOW is going to be backed up in traffic or going to a store at a time that you KNOW is going to be packed)!

3. Body fitness... Besides exercising your manhood, exercising your body will certainly have a positive impact on making your manhood grow bigger. And this is because exercises increase blood circulation, decrease stress, boost your metabolism, and more.

4. Supplementation... If you haven't caught on by now, having an increase of blood is VERY important if you want to make your penis grow bigger. This is why you see so many male enhancement methods make claims about how their contraptions or pills will increase blood flow (which penis exercises are the most effective way to do this by the way). Anyway, another thing you can do to increase blood circulation is by taking healthy and natural supplements and adding spices into your diet. Some that I recommend are ginkgo, cayenne pepper, garlic, lecithin, and Vitamin E.

Bottom line, if you want a bigger and healthier manhood, then first of all, it IS possible. Second, make sure that you choose a healthy and proven effective method (such as penis exercises). And lastly, make sure you also do those other 4 things as well to ensure you get amazing results. Although penis exercises will work no matter what, doing those other 4 things speeds up the process, guarantees significant results, and you get to improve your overall health as well!

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