12 Dec 2011

5 Tinnitus Remedies That Work

Our sensitivity to different sounds from our surrounding environment makes our ears particularly vulnerable to damage and the resulting tinnitus and sometimes hearing loss that can occur.

Unfortunately, even though we are better educated about what can happen if we don't take care of our ears and our hearing we continue to subject them to loud sounds and noises that can only do us harm.

Cases of different forms of tinnitus are on the rise worldwide with millions of people suffering from this ailment and as a result more research is being conducted on finding remedies for this condition with the ultimate goal being to find a cure.

Here are some of the findings of this scientific research by way of 5 tinnitus remedies to help alleviate and possibly eliminate your symptoms:

1. The use of herbal remedies has produced positive results with ginko biloba coming to the forefront as the most widely used herb. Other natural treatments which have worked by relieving the noise in some patient's ears are castor oil, onion juice, sesame and cohosh.

2. Sound treatment has begun to gain acceptance as a possible remedy for sufferers of this condition. Masking is the process of using a noise masker to over ride the irritating noise produced by the ear ringing or buzzing and replacing it with a more pleasant and soothing sound to help the person relax and focus on the nicer sound.

3. Some medications have helped people find relief from their tinnitus symptoms and mostly from the ear ringing variety of the disorder. Anti-depressant drugs, lidocaine and antihistamines have helped provide relief to patients.

4. Counseling provided by a trained professional especially after being first diagnosed can help the patient enormously. This is because there are still many people who haven't heard of tinnitus and when they are told it's incurable they become stressed which can worsen their symptoms. A counselor can provide the information the person needs to help them deal with their condition and help eliminate their feelings of stress.

5. Homeopathic treatment is another avenue open to people suffering from this ailment. This approach administers drugs in small doses that produce symptoms of the condition. Although the more traditional medical community doesn't endorse this approach it is still beginning to gain wide acceptance in the United States. This technique treats the symptoms of your disorder rather than focusing on the cause and has helped many people find relief.

These are just a few of the tinnitus remedies available today however the best approach is to find the cause of your affliction and then design a treatment strategy that works best for you.

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