5 Dec 2011

5 Tips To Build Muscle Mass

Working out is one of the few things that all men have on their 'to-do' lists, but only a few ever find the time and motivation to go through with it. Normally, there are two obvious reasons why men workout, to either lose weight or to build muscle. Everyone wants to look better and those who are overweight feel that they can achieve that by losing weight and those who are a little on the lighter side, prefer a more a muscular body, as a way to enhance their look. There are unlimited benefits of working out, even if you do not go for a muscle building workout plan. Besides, building muscle is not only harder, but it also requires a lot more dedication and hard work than losing fat. However, for those who are interested in taking up this challenge, this article will discuss one of the most effective workout plans for men to build muscle. A couple of steps just as important as lifting weights and running around that most people overlook.

Step 1.
The first step requires you to get a feel of what and how much you are eating on a normal day. Workout plans for men to build muscle are a little different, and maybe even the opposite of losing weight. Therefore, once you determine the average calories you take on a daily basis you should add about 500 calories to that total. This is your new target amount that you have to eat on a daily basis. Moreover, you need to try to consume 1 gram of protein for every pound you weigh.

Step 2.
Limiting cardio is extremely important when trying to build workout plans for men to build muscle. You should allocate only 2 days for running and other cardio exercises because nothing makes you burn calories like cardio. Workout plans for men to build muscle is a lot different from toning them or even losing fat, which is why you need to strive to limit the number of reps you perform. Instead of doing 4 sets of 20 reps, opt for 3 sets of a maximum of 12 reps. The lower number of reps, combined with a controlled and steady speed will help shock your muscle into growth. An important point to remember is that each rep should last between 40-70 seconds, and the total workout should not exceed 45 minutes.

Need for concentration in bodywork out every day.
Most people have the understanding that it is more effective to work out a single body part in one session, but this is the worst thing to do when trying to build muscle. Instead, you should use a full body workout, or concentrate on one half of the body per session. This simply means that either workout the entire upper body one day or the lower body the next.

Importance of stretching.
Moreover, it is essential that you stretch before and after your workout session to enhance flexibility and recovery of the muscles, as well as to prevent injuries.

Eating habits.
The most important part of the plan is eating. Having 5-6 small meals that are filled with protein and carbohydrates is more than enough to help build muscle and lose some fat. Your routine should be changed every 4 weeks, for example, by increasing the number of reps you perform. Finally make sure that you give your body proper time to rest, by both getting 7- hours of sleep and taking a day off in the week.
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