11 Dec 2011

Beat The Blues

Have you ever sat there in a whirlwind of depression and thought 'My life is just a load of pants!' and believe nothing will ever make you feel normal again. You may have lost interest in the things that were once very pleasurable and feel you have no energy to do even the smallest tasks. You probably think to yourself other people are more confident, popular and more successful than you are. Does this sound like you? Well, today I want to share with you a few of my tips to help you get back to your old self again before the nasty illness takes over your life! They will also really help in boosting your self-confidence and give you a whole new view of the world. You can beat this!

A Few Of My Tips...

Do Things You Enjoy: Set yourself a time in the day where you will have some 'You' time. Let go of your worries and stress and get lost in a book or maybe go for a short walk for a change of scene. Maybe you're bored of the things you once enjoyed? Try something new! Do the things you've had hidden in the back of your mind, it is possible! Whether it's learn a musical instrument, a new sport, a cooking class or photography. It's never to late to learn, you can achieve anything you want to achieve! Have a look online and find classes and groups in your local area and have a chat with some people in forums or social networking sites. Get yourself back out there and have fun! You'll learn a lot more about who you are as well as reinforce your own sense of self. The world will start to look different and you'll meet some great new people.

Surround Yourself With Positive People. Concentrate on the good people that surround you like family and real mates. Have you got 'friends' who constantly gossip about others, are never happy for you when you achieve something amazing and are only interested in themselves? They are really not worth your time, you're too good for them. Having these people in your life is not going to help you get better. Let go of bad relationships and people who constantly criticise you and make you feel like a bug. The internet is a great place to chat if you have pals all over the place. Share your good experiences with real friends, you'll see they are genuinely interested, they'll praise you and urge you to keep going. Little messages like this are really good for your self-esteem and will make you feel you're worth something.

Live Well, Eat Well. It's really important to look after your body and eating the right foods and exercising may seem like hard work at first but it doesn't have to be. You won't do yourself any favours by slobbing out eating junk on the sofa all day! It won't make you feel good inside, you'll just end up feeling guilty. Don't turn to alcohol when you're feeling down. It is not your friend! Alcohol is a depressant and nothing's worse than putting a depressing substance into your depressed body! You can build up your healthy lifestyle by introducing good food bit by bit into your diet and slowly cut out the bad stuff. I'm not saying cut out sweet treats completely, reward yourself every now when you've achieved something important to you, you'll find it much more satisfying. With exercise, you can just start by introducing a little walk into your daily routine and maybe a bit further down the line turn that walk into a run! By doing these things it will help to reduce stress and anxiety and most importantly improve your mood.

Love Who You Are. How many times have you looked in the mirror and picked at things you hate about yourself? Loads? Yes, me too! Change your hair, try on new clothes, slap on some make-up, do whatever you have to do to make you smile a little when you catch yourself in the reflection of a shop window! Put that spring back in your step, confidence is attractive. Sometimes even little things we do for ourselves can perk us up a bit whether it's a manicure or a wacky new hair colour. If you love and respect yourself, that's the only way anybody else is going to.

The Time Is Now. Have you ever sat and thought about things that could have been and filled your mind with 'What if's? and 'If only's'? Well STOP!! Just focus on what's going on in the present! Don't waste the time you have now by thinking of past events and bad experiences it will just make you feel miserable. Forget about any mistakes you made, everybody makes them, just learn from them. Think of all the positive things you have in your life and look forward not back.
Lastly, there's nothing better than a really good chat and sometimes talking about your problems can lift a weight from your shoulders. Talk to your buddies about your troubles, they may be able to relate to what you're going through. It's a great feeling to know your not alone but if you ever feel like your slipping further and further into a black hole then it's a good idea to speak to your GP. Your doctor can suggest ways to help you and refer you to the right people. Sometimes you might not even realise you have a problem or others have noticed things about you which you think are normal. Listen to those people, don't push them away! It might be hard to book that first appointment but someone else can do it for you and accompany you to the GP. That one little trip can turn your life around.
You only have one life so live it!
Jen Martinez

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