12 Dec 2011

Buzzing in Ears Treatment

Buzzing in ears treatment that's natural can be easy to find once you know where to look! If not, finding natural treatment for buzzing in the ears can be like looking for a needle in a haystack at times!
Buzzing in the ears, otherwise known as tinnitus, is a medical condition that's often chronic where there is a problem in the inner ear that stops it's correct linking to the brain. Ringing in the ears is a symptom of this malfunction and in the blood flow affecting the inner ear, there's a ringing, a buzzing or whooshing sound in one ear or in both ears.

As many people know, buzzing in the ears can be triggered by:
*exposure to loud noises or rock music
*the effects of old age
*colds or flu
*high blood pressure
*an accumulation of ear wax
*circulation problems

Fortunately, natural solutions exist very often in the form of vitamin and herbal supplements and remedies.
Studies have shown that vitamin deficiencies have been found to cause ringing in the ears. Buzzing in ears treatment that focuses on healing these very often heals the tinnitus.

Circulation in the ears can be improved with a good multi vitamin pill which include vitamins A, C & E.
Also the 'wonder' supplement magnesium may be in short supply (we excrete more magnesium through our kidneys when we're stressed!) in our bodies. Few of us eat magnesium rich foods in sufficient quantities anymore to make up for the amount we excrete!

Magnesium is essential for the nervous system and nerves to function well. If you're feeling nervous and agitated magnesium (make sure it's highly absorbable and top grade) may be your answer!

So too potassium and zinc deficiencies have been found in tinnitus sufferers particularly in those with advancing years! It's amazing what a good, healthy diet can prevent or heal.

As for buzzing in ears treatment that are herbal remedies, these abound both offline and online.

One of the best herbal treatments is Ginkgo biloba. This helps to improve the blood flow to the ears and reduces the noise and loudness of the ringing in the ears, tests have shown.

So too Co Enzyme Q10-300mg as well as improving circulation also fights fatigue in the body and increases energy levels.

Eating certain foods has also been known to help tinnitus for example pineapple and the enzymes contained in this can ease buzzing in the ears, so too garlic and seaweed can assist the circulatory system and blood flow. Odourless garlic is best of course!

Things to avoid that exacerbate buzzing include: tea, coffee, too much salt and alcohol. These often dilate and enlarge the blood vessels which can make the blood flow excessive to the inner ear increasing discomfort.

A further buzzing in ears treatment is the rather unknown 'cure' method advocated by Dr John Sarno from the 1970's onwards. He discovered that repressed emotions can come out in physiological illnesses. This doesn't mean the illness isn't real or psychosomatic, an imagined or unreal discomfort. No, it means that the tinnitus is real but the cause of it is buried in repressed emotions that need to be dealt with. If they're not dealt with the body Dr Sarno says can develop painful or chronic conditions to 'distract' sufferer from their real problem of emotional, undealt with pain.

His theory states that these emotions can cause vertigo and ringing in the ears symptoms. Dr Sarno's Tension Myositis Syndrome theory and the simple cure is well worth a look especially for those in great discomfort who've tried everything else and nothing has worked!

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Sam Gustavo is a health practioner. Sam Gustavo has been helping people for the last 6 years.

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