11 Dec 2011

Depression - Causes and Cures

First of all I want you to think about the actual meaning of the word - depression - it means 'to push down'. This is exactly what it feels like to those who suffer from it. Like being pushed down by a black cloud that seems to hover over them constantly.

The question is 'why'? There are multiple causes that create this.
The first one I will address is the physical - what we call the somatico-psycho or in real words for us lesser mortals - the body-mind connection. Please don't mistake this for the opposite which is the mind-body connection (psycho-somatic). There is a big difference between the two.

OK, how does this work? If your body is depressed, it will depress your thoughts very strongly. How can a body be depressed? Very easily in todays' world of fast food, huge amounts of sugar and chocolate, toxic water, fast living, radiation intake from mobile phones and computers etc etc

How to change this? The first step is looking at your diet - if you exist on processed food, carbohydrates, fizzy drinks, sweets and chocolate, takeaways etc because your life is so busy - your body will pay the price. You feel tired all the time, your reaction then is to try and gain some energy - caffeine in the form of coffee or tea and caffeine drinks. Then at the end of an exhausting day you slump in front of the chair with a beer or a glass of wine hoping it will make you feel better - sound a familiar story? Too tired to exercise even though you know you 'should'.

Small steps will make big changes - beginning with dropping the fast foods, the processed foods, the fizzy drinks. Get onto the vegetables. Simple meals rather than the complicated ones we normally have. A protein such as fish or chicken or lamb. Two vegetables, not potatoes. Keep the carbohydrates for another meal such as a rice dish or pasta with a vegetable sauce - definitely easier for your digestive system to separate carbohydrates and proteins into different meals. Get out the wok - start to stir fry. Use chilli and garlic in your food - this will help to cleanse your blood and warm up the internal dampness that is happening.

Check your breathing - are you shallow breathing? You are a balloon - expand your stomach as you breathe in - you will be amazed at how much more oxygen you can take. Dizziness at this point is purely the oxygen circulating around your brain for the first time forever!

Make sure your bowel works - poisons need to leave your body - if you need help in this area - dont touch laxatives but go get some herbal remedies - always the gentlest and safest. Flush your kidneys as they are about to work hard for you pulling out and excreting toxins. Drink plenty of pure water - not tap - start your day without the tea or coffee and have a large glass of hot water with a good squeeze of lemon juice in it.

Take 2 weeks to get onto these steps and watch the difference you will feel even over a few days.
Remember - headaches are the body's way of showing that the toxins are moving - a positive not a negative. Just increase your water intake to flush them out quickly.

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