11 Dec 2011

Early Warning Symptoms Of Adult Onset Diabetes

Early symptoms of diabetes can set in at any age. A person can be born with it or may develop it later at any stage in his life. If symptoms of diabetes onset later then there are bright chances that the said person is suffering from type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is also referred as non insulin dependent diabetes or adult onset diabetes. The symptoms of diabetes indicate that body of the person is not utilizing provided insulin properly. This situation allows an increase in level of blood sugar. If the situation is left untreated then dangerous blood sugar levels can start damaging blood vessels and nerves. This situation further leads to serious health related complications.

It is extremely important that if any person can see warning signs of diabetes setting in then he must see the doctor to learn how to control blood sugar levels. If adult onset diabetes is caught earlier then it can be easily detected with a little bit of lifestyle change.

Frequent Urination And Excessive Thirst
American Diabetes Association has declared that type 2 diabetes often onsets without any warning symptoms or signs. Very early symptoms of adult onset diabetes are so general that a person is unable to connect it with any serious illness. This is the prime reason that it is extremely important to monitor blood sugar levels. The earlier the diagnosis is made the better are the chances of proper and successful treatment. As the blood sugar levels further rises the body makes an extra attempt to bring these levels down. This attempt makes the person feel thirstier and causes him to visit the rest room again and again.

Sudden Weight Loss And Increase In Appetite
High blood sugar level makes the person feel hungry quite often. This happens as the body is not properly utilizing insulin. This also indicates that body is unable to digest the consumed food. The body does not allow efficient conversion into food. This makes the person feel that he is in a constant need of food. At the same time the body is unable to convert this consumed food into fuel so he starts to lose weight. It is critically important that any person must not ignore the warning signs of diabetes. These adult onset diabetes symptoms are subtle but can damage the body for many months or even years.

Tiredness And Slow Healing Wounds
The body has to struggle as it is not getting the required amount of energy. The person starts to feel tired and fatigued. It is true that today's hectic lifestyle makes every person feel tired but excessive and constant fatigue must never be ignored. Diabetes hinders the ability of the body to heal any cut or wound. Slow healing cuts and wounds are another early warning sign of diabetes.

Blurred Vision
Any sudden change in vision must never be ignored. It is important to consult the doctor if you have blurriness in vision or if the vision is getting worse.
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