12 Dec 2011

Eating Disorder Treatment - How to Treat a Binge Eating Disorder

Some of the reasons for teen obesity are from a condition called binge eating. It is one of the most common eating disorders. It is where people consume a large amount of food in one sitting. This can occur for at least two days a week over a six month time frame. Many teens who feel they are already "fat" may not care that they are adding to it with this type of eating. It affects both kids and adults. It is a major cause of being overweight.
There are several signs that this is an issue. People with this disorder may eat by themselves because they are embarrassed to eat in front of others. They tend to eat a lot of food much faster than normal whether they are hungry or not. They end up feeling too full, and then feel guilty for overeating like that, which is why they eat alone.

Normally, people who binge eats are already overweight. Binge eating means there are several thousand calories consumed in one sitting. Eating until that stuffed feeling arrives. Most who do this are twenty to thirty percent above their ideal body weight; a big cause of teen obesity. Most teens with this problem have had weight issues all their life.

Binge eating disorder may be an inherited disease because it is seen to have more than one family member with the issue. Some research suggests there are certain types of neurochemicals that exist in the brains of binge eaters. Other reasons for the disorder can be sufferers of depression or of shame or guilt or even anxiety. Life changing events can also spur this disorder.

A Lonely Disorder
Binge eaters like to binge alone. Sadly, they may fore go attending social events to be able to stay home and eat alone. You are likely to find food hidden in their rooms and all around the house. They hide and eat the foods, then feel very guilty about it after the fact. Binge eaters tend to eat large meals, then after the meal may continue to eat. They eat very fast. Sometimes they may eat foods plucked from the trash or without heating it up properly, like eating right from the package or can. They show odd eating habits and behavior.

Treatment of Binge Eating
Binge eating disorder needs to be treated because being overweight can cause major health issues with the heart, with the joints and muscles and it can even bring on diabetes later in life. If you notice any of the signs of being a binge eater you need to get help. This disorder can be treated with some cognitive behavioral therapy. Sometimes insight-oriented therapy may be used to help identify what causes the eating behaviors. To combat the feelings of shame and guilt, group therapy is a big help. Binge eaters are encouraged to keep a diary to help identify the circumstances that may bring on a bout of eating. Certainly being taught proper nutrition and how to develop healthy eating habits can combat the disorder, and can also help to curve out teen obesity by helping to lose weight.

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