10 Dec 2011

Hip and Hot Short Hairstyles For Women

Long hair is a hassle, as it can take hours to wash, dry, and style long locks. As such, some people like the ease, not to mention the look, of shorter hair. Having shorter hair doesn't mean giving up style. It is easy to rock a short haircut and still be the hottest woman in the room. Short hair can be glamorous or fun depending on the occasion. The purpose of this article to highlight some of the looks that are currently turning heads.

Pixie hairstyles are very hot at the moment. Many celebrities wear this super short style with great results. This short cut is easy to maintain and very popular. The hair on top is generally longer while the hair on the back of the head and sides is cropped short. It is definitely a modern look, and is not expected to fall out of fashion anytime soon.

For those looking for a short hairstyle but still want a few inches of hair, the waved bob is another fashionable trend. This is a versatile style that fits anyone. It is a twist on the classic bob; the hair is a little longer and becomes gradually curly. This can be done with any short hair that can be curled a few inches from the roots. This look can be created by using your favorite mousse in your hair and waiting for it to dry. Then curl the hair a few inches from the roots. Use your hairspray to hold the look, and then use a hair dryer to break up the curls. This style is more casual as the curls are loose and free, and it helps promote a slightly edgy, wilder ambiance.
Another good short hair option is bangs, which can be worked into any hairstyle. Having a bit of fringe can always be made stylish whether it's worn straight and simple, or worn messily with a bob or pixie cut. Fringe is an excellent way to frame your face and can be styled for any occasion. Cropped hair can be a way to go retro, reminiscent of Twiggy, or the fringe can be more loose and flirty. Combining a pixie cut with messy bangs is becoming more and more fashionable.

Layered styles are not just for long hair. Anyone can have fun creating a hot look by layering their hair. Layering creates different dimensions and gives an edge to any look. This can work with any hair from short cropped styles to those that fall at chin or shoulder level. The bottom line is that layered hair has a unique texture that will have everyone staring in awe.

In the final analysis, short hair can be just as beautiful and sexy as long hair. The key is to try different looks to see which one works best with the shape of your face. And remember that whatever short cut you choose, make sure you wear it with confidence; this is the only way to guarantee a truly stunning look.

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