10 Dec 2011

Repair the Bad Back

Do you suffer from a bad back? Is your bad back in need of repair?
There has been a recent discovery in the way auto shops remove dents in cars today. It is called "paintless dent repair." Auto body shops have found that applying heat, with a gentle tension, a dent will revert to its original formation before the accident. Also, this adjustment is so benign that even the paint will become as it once was. Quite an a amazing process.
How does this relate to a bad back?

How does this affect the muscles and bones that form the structure that underlay our posture and our appearance?

The connection is very simple. The structure of our bones, muscles, and nerves combine to become strong, like the composite metals of a car body. Auto engineers "blend" the integrity of metal to give the car body a strong and a pleasing appearance. So too our own bodies are designed through evolution and time so that when we were born, we were given the correct structure, the correct muscles, bones, and metabolism to grow to "become" a wonderful human figure. We have all the components to look and function smoothly, like a great running Cadillac. If over time our bodies, and all things leading to poor posture, have suffered, we can focus on those body parts so they can be improved and "run smoother."

Let's talk about the repair of our body structure. These are the "car dents" of our human form, our bad back. An accident, whether prolonged or immediate, has occurred so that the metal of the car, I mean composite of our skeleton, our muscles, nervous system, and appearance, has become crumpled. Many people put it simply and say that they have a bad back but it is more than just that. What do we do to repair our bad back and malformed bodies?
The answer is: we "focus."

Like a paintless car repair technician, we focus our attention to these unwanted distortions of our body. However, instead of actual heat being applied to these areas, we create a subtle, different type of "heat." This heat is our "focus" to retrain our body's imperfections. This "heat" or focus forces the molecules in our nervous system, in our muscles and ligaments, to agitate, adjust and stretch. Our lengthened muscles, ligaments, and tendons, adjust our skeletal system so our bodies look and act as near to perfection as possible. Our focused "heat" tells our bodies to stretch out, so that the joints are at their apex. We hear the pops and cracking noise that accompany these adjustments to our afflicted part of our bodies, just as we would hear the metal of a dented car expanding, seeming to magically repair itself under the care of an artful technician. This so that our bodies do what they were intended to do from the time we were were born. Even our bones, comprised of 25% water, will change for the better. Our whole body, our skin, our muscles, ligaments, and our attitude, improve to a more pure and normal state. We have "straightened out our joints, ligaments and yes, our bad back." We are running on all eight cylinders, like a Rolls Royce luxury automobile. No longer suffering with our bad back, we have a wonderful appearance and a certain grace as we move about. We walk and talk with the self confidence of royalty.

Please review and use the Alexander Technique. You will find helpful ways to relieve the pain of a bad back. He states that it is with our "supreme inheritance" that we move about with grace and poise. He asks us to lengthen the spine, free the neck, balance the head above the shoulders to repair one's bad back. His technique engages our own thoughts to correct our posture. There will be no need for surgery on your bad back. Instead we use a mental method, a type of "paintless dent removal" to fix our bad back. There is no cutting, no surgery affecting of our priceless body components. We lengthen our spine, free our neck, balance our head a top our shoulders. In doing so, we begin to fix our bad back. We accomplish something that is beyond the norm and as F.M. Alexander says, we inherit a certain supremacy. God speed.

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