4 Dec 2011

10 Timeless Ways to Clear Acne

There are tons of ways to get rid of acne but not every way works for everybody. Regardless, here are 10 time-proven tips to help clear your acne and stop it from coming back!
Ten Timeless Ways to Clear your Acne:
1. Moisturize: The real key to treating acne is not only getting rid of the oil and the bacteria, but not over drying the skin. A lot of people carry the misconception that all that dryness that they encounter when using the products is necessary because its drying out the pimples. False! Most facial cleaners and medicines do their work immediately and so moisturizing your skin is not only not gonna mess things up but will even help things along. If you've got really oily skin, then I recommend a kind of gel moisturizer. Whatever moisturizer that you use, make sure you hydrate your skin before applying.
2. Keep Your Face Clean and Clear of Oil: This is more difficult than it sounds since your body is likely working overtime to keep your skin oiled up. It is imperative that you without fail wash your face two to three times a day. It only takes one night of not washing your face to ruin a week or two of hard work and yes, acne can form literally overnight. Use a facial cleanser that is gentle enough on your face that you can use it multiple times a day without bothering your skin.
3. Try an over-the-counter acne product: Topical over the counter treatments are really quite effective and provide all kinds of ways to clear acne. The most popular ingredients are benzoyl peroxide, a compound of peroxide which works as an antibacterial and drying compound, or salicylic acid, an mild acid that eats away dead skin cells and acne. The problem with these products is twofold. First some folks have sensitive skin and both these products can cause problems with sensitive skin. Secondly, a lot of folks, including myself, want instant treatment and as using any of these products can take weeks to clear acne, a lot of people quit the regiment before it has a time to make a marked improvement.
4. Don't over do it on the makeup: When you already a case of acne, it can be made much worse by using makeup. Makeup is almost guaranteed to clog open acne pores and make the situation worse. If you have to use makeup, wash it off as soon as possible and then wash your face again to make sure you've opened all your pores.
5. Exercise daily: Contrary to what a lot of people think, sweating it out doing some exercise is great for acne. It opens pores, regulates hormones, and activates the bodies defenses. Not only is physical activity good for your over all health, but it can help your acne problem out too.
6. Look at what you're putting in your hair: This is more a problem for women than men, but hair touching your face can actually cause acne or make it worse because of the chemicals that you put in your hair. A lot of products out there contain fragrances, oils, and extracts that can cause problems when in steady contact with the face. If you're getting pimples where hair touches face, take a closer look at what you're putting in your hair.
7. Keep your hands off your face: Having your head propped up by your hand during school can cause acne as well. By having your face covered up, it causes pores to get clogged and become infected. This can also occur when working out where wet clothes constantly rub up against the body.
8. Limit exposure to the sun: This is a caveat because a little bit of sun is known to help lighten acne and heal up the skin. A lot of sun though, does just the opposite and UV rays can inflame pimples even more. Make sure to wear a sunscreen whenever exposed to prolonged periods of sunlight. There are sunscreens out there that lack oil, so take a good look at the ingredients and use one that'll work well with your skin.
9. Take proper nutrients: As of right now there aren't any direct links to what you eat and what causes acne but there are some nutrients such as Vitamin A and beta-carotene that helps promote skin growth and health. Eating healthy leads to a healthy body which can fight a better battle against bacteria. However, you can ignore all that talk about avoiding chocolate, or french fries and such. While they aren't all that healthy for you, they won't cause you acne either.
10. Chill! Stress is proven to cause acne or make it worse. Unfortunately, its impossible to avoid all stress, and some stress is good for you, but don't sweat the small stuff. Living a more carefree lifestyle will make life not only easier on you, but will cause you to be more happy and perhaps lessen your acne. Either way, by living a happier life style, you win!
Even taking in all these tips and dealing with your acne problem, remember that you are not alone. 95% of teenagers are affected by some form of acne during adolescence. Just remember that you're not alone! There are plenty of ways to clear ance but following through with them requires persistence and endurance!
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