12 Dec 2011

3 Common Reasons for Stretch Marks

If you have never had stretch marks and want to avoid them, it may be of some help to know about the most common causes. From there, if certain factors wind up in your life, at least you can take steps to mitigate the development of stretch marks as much as possible. This may involve using special ointments or even slowing down your progress on a fitness goal until the deeper layers of skin have a chance to accommodate the changes.

As you may be aware, the vast majority of women that suffer from stretch marks get them during pregnancy. Typically, these marks will develop along the lower abdomen and thighs. If you want to avoid or reduce these marks during pregnancy, you will need to make use of skin moisturizers. As long as your skin in these areas remains elastic, you will have a better chance of preventing the dermal layer from tearing. Unfortunately, if creams don't work, you may wind up with these marks that turn into permanent scars before the baby is delivered.

Rapid Weight Gain and Loss
Regardless of your age, putting on excess weight too fast will also lead to stretch marks. In fact, this is the main reason why children and teens wind up with these kinds of scars. Aside from using stretch mark creams if you are gaining weight too quickly, you should also make it your business to try and control weight gain as much as possible. At the very least, you can talk to your doctor in order to find out why you are gaining weight. For example, if you have a thyroid condition, or need to obtain access to a sensible diet, your doctor can easily direct you to appropriate sources of information.

Muscle or Body Building
Oddly enough, many people fail to realize that expanding muscles will also require rapid expansion of skin to cover them. Even if you are overweight, trading fat for muscle will put stress on regions where muscles are increasing in size. Therefore, if you are planning to take up a body building regimen, you should ask about methods for reducing stretch marks. Without a question, if you want to look good on the beach, or in any other location, preventing stretch marks is bound to be very important.

Many people who have these marks find themselves wishing they could have found a way to avoid getting them. While these same people would not give up their children or a muscular physique, they would most likely take advantage of creams, massages, and other methods to help make the skin more elastic. Therefore, if you are thinking about having a child, increasing muscle mass, or find you are gaining weight too fast, you should consider using stretch mark creams that have good comments and feedbacks from users. At the very least, if you can prevent larger skin tears from occurring, you will have a better chance of getting rid of the scars later on with other treatment methods.

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