12 Dec 2011

Effective Ways To Quit Smoking

Smoking cigarettes is a dangerous and addictive habit. Nicotine is unhealthy but most people are unaware of the numerous other chemicals that are often found in cigarettes. These chemicals are also highly addictive. In combination, these chemicals can create numerous side effects such as nervousness. This will prompt the smoker to seek relief with cigarettes. The chemicals are mostly derived from the pesticides sprayed on the tobacco plant.

Cigarettes can become an overpowering addiction but there are ways to conquer this deadly habit. In the initial 6 months of quitting a person should definitely begin to cleanse and detox their body. This will help rid the body of the chemicals they have inhaled over the course of their smoking. This toxic buildup affects the health of the body, particularly the nervous system leading to the endless cycle of seeking relief by reaching for a cigarette. This is the time to clean house and begin eating a healthy diet of whole fruits and vegetables, fresh water and limited intake of processed food products. Begin an easy to follow exercise program that you can commit to and get plenty of rest and fresh air daily. Taking these simple steps will be tremendously helpful to flushing out the chemicals that may have been residing in your body for many years. It may be difficult at first but you will overcome the addiction if you can stick to this healthy lifestyle.

Additionally, a person needs to address the psychological basis for why they smoke. Oftentimes there is stress and anxiety in someone's life and they will use cigarettes as a crutch to not deal with these emotions. However, the key principle here is to actually find out what the emotional issues are that are troubling you and find constructive ways to deal with them. Cigarettes will only serve as a temporary band aid of what troubles you and will ultimately destroy your health. Take the time to reflect and don't be too hard on yourself. This will only drive you back to seeking relief with a cigarette. Be kind to yourself and realize that we are only human. If there are things in your life that you are not happy with, you have the power to change them. Make small steps towards actualizing what you wish to change in your life.

It takes a dedicated and integrative approach to succeed in quitting smoking. Changing your diet is an important step. Foods such as red meat and coffee tend to stimulate the desire to smoke so try your best to limit them. Eating more fruits and vegetables seems to have the opposite effect and makes a person less likely to smoke. Also incorporate healthier carbohydrates into your diet as sometimes the craving you are feeling can actually be for foods that contain carbs.

Exercise: Get more involved in working out and exercising on a regular basis. In addition to fighting depression and weight gain, exercise really seems to curb the desire to smoke by changing the activity of the brain. Exercise also creates a feeling of relaxation and enhances deep breathing and oxygen levels, all of which contribute to a lessening of a desire to smoke. Finding a workout partner to motivate and encourage you to stay on track is also a helpful idea.

Support Groups: Join a support group of fellow smokers and ex smokers who can provide a source of encouragement and support in your decision to quit smoking. Numerous studies have shown that having a support system really does help. Just knowing that there are others who have succeeded in overcoming their smoking addiction serves as encouragement and inspiration. There are many local groups as well as online support groups that you can participate in.
Quitting smoking is certainly not an easy process but you must know it can be accomplished. Try to incorporate some of these simple but effective methods to help you break the habit and lead a healthier and fuller life.

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