6 Dec 2011

3 Ways to Fight Allergies on a Budget

For an allergy sufferer, this battle is an all-year effort to find and get rid of the cause of their sneezing, sniffles, hives and moments when you feels like you might never breathe easy again. For example, in some states right now, the tree molds are really bad - Dallas is one of those cities that has a very high count. If you live in that area, it might be to your advantage to contact a Dallas heating and cooling company to inquire about pricing on a new system.
The good news is that there are many things you can do around your home to bring allergens under control, and most of them are reasonably inexpensive.

Here are 3 ways to fight allergies on a budget:

Get Rid of Dust
Since dust is a primary allergen in any home, the place to begin your battle is to give your home a good top to bottom cleaning. Clutter will contribute greatly to your dust problem so try to reduce it by recycling magazines and newspapers, store stacks of file folders and books and move furniture and decorative items to clean underneath and around it. Use a vacuum with a HEPA filter that will trap the dust. Do not use a duster because they often simply scatter dust into the air where it floats around before settling elsewhere. Try using a damp cloth on your blinds or any other place where vacuuming may seem impractical.

Wash Sheets Weekly
Blankets catch and hold dust and then you breathe it for 8 hours a night. No wonder you wake up wheezing and coughing. Also, washing bedding in 130F water will kill dust mites that also cause allergic reactions.

Add An Air Filtration Unit to Your HVAC System
A forced heating and air conditioning system is wonderful, but when they circulate warm or cool air they might also circulate allergens. Many HVAC systems can be outfitted with a fairly inexpensive air filtration unit that is highly effective in removing allergens than regular furnace filters are unable to do. Call your local air conditioning contractor for your brand of furnace or air handler and inquire about the installation of an air purification filtration device. When you consider that most of the air in your home will circulate through the HVAC system, and that air carries allergens, youll realize how much sense this allergy-fighting move makes!

To keep your allergies under control it will take a game plan that will involve these practices. You will likely feel better right away and you may be less dependent on allergy medications that make you feel drowsy or very dry. This is definitely a winning play!

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