6 Dec 2011

5 Causes of Chronic Urticaria

Chronic Urticaria is the medical condition which causes red wheals to appear on the surface of one's skin for more than 6 weeks. While most people will develop urticaria at least once in their lifetime, it usually will go away in a day's time, and it will not be considered severe.
When it persists it develops into Chronic Urticaria which can be caused by more than one factor, not mostly allergies as most people think.

Here are the 5 most popular causes of chronic urticaria:

1. Idiopathic Causes
What this means is that the exact causes of the condition are unknown and generally when dealing with chronic urticaria the causes are idiopathic and thus undetermined, this "cause" being at the top of the list.

2. Medicine/Drugs
The 2nd most encountered cause of this condition is manmade drugs which can be anything from antibiotics, aspirin and different vaccines to contraceptive or diet pills. Also, if chronic urticaria patents are also users of cocaine or inject themselves with heroin they might very well develop a condition known as bronchospasm which is a condition that causes difficult breathing which can range from mild to severe.

3. Allergic Reactions
This is probably the most known cause of chronic urticaria to the general public, as most patients believe they developed the condition because something they ate or took. They usually stop eating that certain food and when the urticaria persists they are left with no idea of its causes. It is important to note that urticaria that is indeed caused by something you ate or medicine you took will almost always manifest itself in minutes to a few hours after consuming the respective product meaning it will be fast acting.

4. Stress
Believe it or not this is another common cause of chronic urticaria. Stress from work, home or school can definitely cause acute or chronic hives, but it is not only limited to mental stress, as the same goes with physical stress. If your body is extremely solicited on a regular basis you may very well develop the condition.

5. Metabolic Diseases
Liver or kidney disease can also cause this condition, along with a high or low thyroid function but also autoimmune diseases (the condition in which the immune system attacks the skin).

These are the five most common causes for urticaria. If you are interested in finding information regarding curing this condition by using natural proven methods, follow the link below.

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