12 Dec 2011

5 Tips to Staying In Shape Over Christmas

Staying in shape over Christmas can be hard, all that stress about what your eating and drinking, the exercise your not doing, and the realisation that you may come out a little worse for wear... it can be hard. So here's the top tips for staying in shape....

1. Be active if you know your going to eat bad. So if you have a current exercise routine, stick to it, dont slack off because its christmas, and on the off gym days, try to go for a walk, or make time to have a boogie with friends! Staying active at Christmas can really make a difference, get up and move!

2. Only eat your treats every second day. So if you love dessert, go crazy get into the spirit of things, but do it every second day. It is expected you'll blow out, so minimise the damage don't go crazy everyday. Most people just think it'll be OK, its only for two weeks, but with Christmas work functions, family functions and New Years Eve, Christmas can go a lot longer!

3. If your going out for an unhealthy dinner of nibbles and champagne, try to eat something before you go out, and have a glass of water every second drink. Nibbles are unhealthy and very more-ish so even having a light meal will help curb your appetite. And drinking water between drinks will keep you feeling hydrated and less likely to binge.

4. Eat 1 healthy meal a day... even if its only breakfast! Try and cover the food groups... so if you know your going to be having carbs at dinner, try to have a protein based breakkie, or even fruit and yoghurt. Don't do carbs all day. And the other way round, if you're having a healthy dinner, roast meat with some veggies, its ok to have a croissant for breakfast. At Christmas remember to eat broadly! And try not to have dessert with every meal!

5. Drink heaps of water! If you're rushing around taking the kids to see Santa, finishing last-minute Christmas shopping or having a few cocktails its easy to forget to drink water and before you know it your dehydrated, tired and cranky! Keep the water intake up and it will also flush your body clean! If you can't get to water, water melon, or celery are both very rehydrating and can get you by short-term, but make sure you stock up on water as soon as you can.

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