12 Dec 2011

8 Festive Eating Tips for the Weight Watcher

If you are an overeater, it can become particularly problematic during the holidays and family gatherings, where there is more food around than usual.

If your brain is thinking I shouldn't be eating this but you cannot stop, here are some things you can do.

1. Set a goal in your mind so the breadroll doesn't tempt you. It is never a good idea to eat bread before starting a meal, it will take your appetite away. It is always a mistake. Rather than waiting until after the holidays, start now. Think about what you're planning on eating. It's not the Last Supper. It's just another meal.

2. Decide whether you want to lose weight, gain weight or stay the same weight. Every time food is offered, think: "I want to slim down more than I want to eat that - what is more important to me? I can say 'no'. Try and keep your goal at the top of your mind. Any noshing before you sit down to eat, will greatly diminish your appetite and ability to enjoy the meal.

3. Plan ahead by visualising instead. In that way, if something comes your way you'll know if it was part of your plan. You'll do better than had you not had a plan.

4. Cut each bite of food into small sizes. Big mouthfuls can lead to indigestion and won't allow you to really savour the food.

5. Put utensils down between bites of food. Fill up on ambiance and conversation. Enjoy the company and watch them eat instead!

6. Try not to drink too much wine or water during the meal, this will hinder efficient digestion.

7. Make sure your mouth is empty before inserting more food. The slower you eat the more memorable and enjoyable the meal (and after the meal) will be.

8. When it comes to dessert - think: how full am I? Is the dessert really really worth it? You are very likely to be feeling satisfied by the time dessert is offered, so you know that any extra food you consume at this stage will just get stored as fat. If you bear this in mind, you may feel more 'in charge' and able to just say 'no thanks'. The humble mince pie can contain an enormous amount of sugar. Think about it.
'The longer you stay sitting at the table, the more you will be tempted to eat'

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