12 Dec 2011

6 Simple Self-Hypnosis Steps To Overcome Nicotine Cravings

Hello, and welcome to this simple guide to self-hypnosis, which will empower you to be done with smoking. Let's get started.

Get yourself comfortable, either sitting or lying down, don't cross your arms or legs. Focus on a point in front of you and let your breaths become slow and deep, and as you continue to focus on your point (this can be anything from a scuff on the wallpaper to a certain button on the television) imagine bringing it closer to you.

You can now let your eyes close slowly while continuing to take slow and deep breaths, now scan down your muscles starting with your neck, shoulders and back (these two are especially important because a lot of unnoticed tension builds here throughout the day) and right down to your feet, and imagine each group of muscles you scan on the way down going loose and relaxed and becoming warm and heavy, say to yourself, "my whole body is warm, loose and heavy."

Once you have relaxed all your body, imagine a door in front of you and mentally walk through it. This door leads to a relaxing, calming place, this can be a real world location you relate to calm positive feelings or your own personal Narnia, what's important is that you feel safe and relaxed "warm, loose and heavy."
You will now be in a hypnotic state and much more open to the positive suggestions you are going to recite to yourself.

Once you are in this hypnotic state and your breathing is still deep and slow (which pretty much takes care of itself) you can start to recite your personal affirmations, These act as commands to the subconscious mind which it will strive to achieve, for the purpose of what we are talking about today it might be something like "I'm sick of smoking and I'm ready to stop" "I feel better when I don't smoke" "smoking doesn't fill the void, it creates it" and you can make up a few others while your in the moment.

Enjoy this state for as long as you want to, and when you have finished you can count yourself out of trance. You can do this by telling yourself that you will feel more and more awake with each number you count from 1 to 10, until you are fully awake at the count of 10.

When you open your eyes you should feel calm and relaxed, this is partly because of the deep breathing you have just done but also because you have given your mind, your actual mind a relaxing break from the conscious world where it is constantly skittering from one thing to the next in the speedy way that only our modern laser quasar text message world can provide!

You will feel a little different, in a good way and with regular practice (once a day is enough) you should find yourself making strong self improvements. You should also find it become easier over time to get into deeper levels of trance as you become more experienced. Like most things practice will perfect your self-hypnosis, thanks very much for reading and all the best learning how to stop smoking.

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