12 Dec 2011

How to Last Longer Naturally and Make Your Sex Life More Wonderful

Premature ejaculation can be like a terrible nightmare. A man might have a good career, loving relationship, fast car, nice house, but a terrible sex life. Although many couples agree that their sex life is not everything and that loving and respecting each other is what really counts, sexual performance does play an important role in relationships. If not, why would people bother going to sex counseling sessions or buying various herbal products hoping to enhance their sexual stamina? It is simply because they want a better sex life, one that will lead to a happier life overall and a happier relationship. Unfortunately, many men suffer from premature ejaculation, which can lead to a very miserable love life. Some manage to cure their problem, but many remain clueless of what to do. If men refuse to seek help or cannot find a way to overcome their premature ejaculation problem, they may slowly drive their partners away from the relationship because they can never meet their sexual needs. Today, men do not have to spend a great deal of money to cure premature ejaculation. There is a natural treatment that will permit you to last longer naturally. The natural treatment will underline some simple tips that men do not even think will help to lower the incidence of premature ejaculation.

The first tip on how to last longer naturally is not rushing during the sexual intercourse. Take it easy by engaging longer in foreplay. A lot of kissing, touching, squeezing will please your partner and you. The feel of the touch and kiss is what you have to focus on and enjoy. Touching and kissing in different areas of the body will bring different sensations, especially in the sensitive areas such as around the neck for women and around the genital for men. Enjoy the appetizer first and do not rush into the main course. This will make your partner feel that you want to please her and make her happy. Yes, sex involves great emotion for women. Breathe deeply during sexual intercourse. Focus on the sexual intercourse and try not to let your mind wander somewhere else. Try to enjoy what your partner gives to you and not focus on the goal of ejaculation. If you too strongly focus on the outcome, being goal oriented, you will find yourself struggling to finish and you will miss the most important thing during sex, which is the feeling of the bonding part of sex itself. How the touch feels in different areas of the body, how the different sexual positions feel for both of you, and so on are the important things. Your partner will know if you are rushing and she might be disappointed. Do not set up too high of an expectation during sex. Instead, just let it flow and see how it goes. If you have high expectations, you will find yourself struggling to reach that expectation. You will also make your partner struggle, and it will result in everything failing. This will leave you both very disappointed.

Many men are very sure that they already know what their partner wants. The fact is, as couples grow, one of them, or both, might want to try something new during sex. If you find yourself always ejaculating early during your regular sex routine, trying something new, a variation might help you to minimize this. Many women actually want to try different positions during sex, or different places, but they find it hard to communicate this desire. Thus, it is recommended to discuss whether there is something new your partner wants to try, or you can simply recommend it. See whether both of you enjoy the new variation or not. If you do, then make it part of your regular routine, but if not, simply go back to the usual ways. Who knows if it turns out that you both enjoy the variation and it can help you last longer.
There is a treatment for men so that they can last longer naturally. Follow the treatment recommendations, make your lovely lady happy and love you even more.

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