8 Dec 2011

Advantages of Toric Lenses

Eye vision problems are quite common today, and so are usage of contact lenses to correct them, instead of the regular spectacles. Toric lenses are one such special kind of advanced lenses contact that have the ability to correct different vision problems at the same time and also come with many advantages. This articles discusses about all of them.

What are Toric Lenses

Toric contact lenses are soft lenses used to correct the eye condition called astigmatism. Astigmatism is an eye defect that hampers the ability of eye to focus an object into a clear image on the retina, leading to blurred vision. This happens because of irregular(Toric) curvature of the cornea or eye lens. The Toric Lenses are specially designed with two different curvatures to provide two different powers(called bi-focal contacts) that helps in correcting astigmatism eye, hyperopia(Farsightedness) or myopia(Shortsightedness) or both.

- They can resolve both hyperopia and myopia problems at once, without the need of any eyeglasses.
- Toric lenses are sphero-cylindrical lenses having surfaces with two different radii of curvature in orthogonal planes, that fit the eyeball perfectly, retain their shape over the eye and go well with the natural behavoiur of eye. This is because, they are designed using PC(phosphorylcholine) Technology, phosphorylcholine is a natural material found in human cell membrane. They have a stabilized symmetrical behaviour, which makes it comfortable to wear them for long time, unlike the normal cheap lenses that can irritate eyes to cause infections and other troubles in the long run. Toric lenses also provide you excellent visual clarity.
- Major part of these lenses is water that maintains the natural moistness of the eye, avoiding the common problem of dryness because of using contact lenses.
- Sometimes, Astigmatism can effect only one eye, in this case, you can use a Toric lens for one eye and a regular spherical lens for other.
- Toric lenses come in different forms that you can use according to your needs and comforts, like frequent replacement lenses, disposable lenses, as well as extended wear that you can wear comfortable up to 30 days. They are available in variety of designs and materials to suit your style. Soft lenses, rigid and gas-permeable lenses are popularly used.
- You also have an option of changing your eye color while correcting astigmatism. These coloured lenses come in variety of natural colors that will enhance the hue of your eyes, adding to your facial beauty.

You can readily buy contact lenses online. There are many online stores and dealers that sell quality Toric contacts for less prices.

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