8 Dec 2011

Benefits of Progressive Eyeglasses

It is not surprising to know that as we get older, our health needs will change, particularly our eye health requirements. As we age, our vision tends to weaken and we start to have difficulties seeing the things we use to see clearly when we were younger. For instance, we can have difficulty reading the print in books, newspapers, or magazines. Fortunately, advancements in vision technology have resulted in the development of devices to help correct vision problems as we get older. For instance, reading glasses such as bifocals or trifocals have undergone advancements that have made it much easier to correct vision problems. Progressive lenses are one such advancement in vision improvement and correction.

Progressive lenses are an important visual technological advancement that is allowing more people to correct their sight as they age. Experts often refer to progressive lenses as lenses that provide a true multifocal lens. As a seamless lens, the wearer of the progressive lens is able to make an ideal transition from numerous powers. In other words, the wearer is able to transition from one power to another easily and quickly. One can view objects from a distance, or use the middle power to see while using a computer, or switch to the lowest power for reading fine print.

The transitional powers are a step up from the traditional bifocals and trifocals because these traditional eyeglasses often make an image jump when transitioning because the eyeglasses were made of different powered lenses. This can be seen in these eyeglasses that have the horizontal line running through the middle of the lens face. This line separates the two magnification powers which results in the image jump when transitioning from one power to another over that line. Progressive lenses get rid of the line and the image jump so that the magnification transition is seamless and smooth. Wearers enjoy the comfort of the seamless transition as their eyes move to from one power to the other. This helps to minimize eye strain and fatigue.

Because progressive eyeglasses can come with as many as twenty different focal distances which gives the wearer the ability to have a more natural view, and they will not have to move their head around in an attempt to focus. Another benefit of progressive lens eyeglasses is that you can get these innovative, technologically advanced eyeglasses at very affordable prices when you shop for eyeglasses online. Progressive glasses are offered by reputable and established online eyeglasses retailers at greatly discounted prices that are much lower than eyeglasses sold at the traditional eye wear retailers. You just need a valid prescription and a credit card, and you can search through high quality, brand name progressive eyeglasses to find the right selection to meet your vision needs and fashion preferences.

If you think you may be in need of progressive glasses, consult with your optician and get an eye exam. Progressive eyeglasses are an impressive technological advancement that helps people with complex vision correction needs see clearly with comfort and ease.

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