12 Dec 2011

Binge Eating Help - Tips on Managing Your Emotions

Battling an addiction such as a binge eating disorder is a severe inner struggle. Finding the correct type of help for binge eating can be too. It seems that there are plenty of references to why one has a binge eating disorder, but not enough information on how to treat it properly. Here we are going to discuss one of the major causes of binge eating which is emotional distress.

Realize that we are humans and we are emotional creatures. You're going to experience all kinds of emotions on a daily basis. This is just human nature. It's your choice to either let your emotions control you or if you will take the responsibility to manage your emotions.
If you feel frustrated, angry, overwhelmed, stressed, jealous, outraged or any other negative emotion remember that you are not your emotions. For instance, people generally say "I'm sad". You are not really sad. You are not a sad person in your character. Instead you are experiencing the emotion of sadness at that particular moment.

To overcome a negative emotion, first realize that it is simply an emotion and something you can change. Yes, you truly can change your emotion. Here's an example: can you remember a time when you were feeling down and then someone did or said something funny and you started to laugh? You changed your emotions in a split second! You have control because you chose to laugh and lift your spirits up.

Try this technique. Write down a list of the ten most funniest memories of your life. I'm sure you will start giggling the moment you start to think of them. If you run out of memories and can't hit ten then just think of moments when you felt absolutely terrific. Now, when you experience a negative emotion or urge to overeat, take out your list and play in your mind those events. Try this the next time you feel your emotions take over and you feel the urge to binge eat.

Remember to be thankful for those tough emotions. Even though they may feel painful and annoying, those emotions are trying to tell you something. Those emotions are telling you that something is going against your values or is just not right in your life. Don't dwell on your negative thoughts but write down what is causing these emotions and figure out a solution. The only way you can get over these emotions is to take action and create solutions to your problem.

Focus on the solution and positive thoughts. For example, you might be fearful that you will have another binge eating attack. Instead of focusing on " I want to stop binge eating", focus on the positive side and pertain it to the present. Here is a better spin: "I eat healthy. I'm thin and I exercise every morning." Remind yourself every morning how you want your eating to go for the day. Visualize yourself thin, exercising, eating slowly and already being at your ideal weight. It works wonders!
Chrissy suffered from binge eating for over 10 years and now has developed a resource site to help others with binge eating. For more information on binge eating help, visit Chrissy's site at bingeeatinghelponline.com.

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